The United States Probation Office is committed to assisting participants in their efforts to lead a life free from chemical and/or alcohol dependancy. The probation office expects that all participants are committed to making healthy decisions towards recovery.

CARE is an intensive outpatient substance abuse program designed to provide a structured treatment program with intensive outpatient substance abuse services. The intervention consists of early recovery groups, relapse-prevention groups, individual sessions, family education groups, social-support groups, career development, cognitive behavioral treatment, and urine and breath testing. CARE is designed as a six (6) month program and will be facilitated by a local treatment provider. The primary purpose is to avoid long-term incarceration by providing access to intensive treatment. This is accomplished in a structured setting by linking supervision and treatment with home confinement.

The CARE Program will separate participants from the drug subculture and provide enhanced supervision, guidance, and support. CARE provides an environment which supports participants in achieving goals related to their integration into the community. The treatment philosophy integrates cognitive behavioral theories, workforce development, and strategies for selfimprovement and change.

Each participant will receive a copy of this CARE Program Participant Handbook and Program Rules. Participants will review the handbook with the probation officer, and will be required to sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the handbook and agreement to a zero tolerance policy.

Download the CARE Program Participant Handbook and Program Rules.